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Female Basketball Player


Train Hard, Play Hard

We help High-Performers, CEO's, Game-Changers, and Entrepreneurs get the results they want to see with their health and fitness. 




Head Performance Coach

Coach Josh has an undying passion to help people realize that their dreams are truly attainable. Fitness and a fit lifestyle is for everyone, to not only take part in, but to enjoy. Fitness can become a fun part of your every day life! His passion comes from personal experience; being in pain, injured, out of shape and feeling like he had no where to turn. Being told he can't be fit or active, and he can't participate in sports was not what he needed to hear. This personal life experience at a young age has driven him to devote his life to helping others through coaching. To be that coach for others that he needed! Whether you are in pain, don't feel like you fit in, don't know what to do, don't know where to start, or feel like you simply can't, he has been there and has a burning desire to help you! Having an MS in exercise and wellness from ASU with an emphasis in strength and conditioning, and maintaining CSCS and FMS certifications, he specializes in strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and functional fitness.

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