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4 Top Fitness Trainer Secrets

What They Don't Want You to Know


There are 4 top secrets that fitness trainers do not want you to know.

1) Education - What are their credentials?

2) Experience - Who have they helped?

3) Expertise - (Background) Why are they a trainer?

4) Example- Do they walk the walk?


First on the list for 3 top fitness trainer secrets is education. Education, in my opinion, is the most important on this list. The question you need to ask when looking for a fitness trainer is, "Does this person have the knowledge, or the means to find the knowledge to help me?" In other words, are they educated and also have the wisdom to know what they don't know. Furthermore, they need to know where to get the information, how to interpret the data, and how to use it to get you where you want to go.

One of the main reasons I started "Just Move" was to fill the void of professional coaching that I had found in the fitness and training industry. Having a weekend certification with an acronym is simply not enough to help everyone reach their fitness goals.

Just as being a credentialed trainer is important, you should pick a trainer that has experience. Not just how long they have been training, but who they have trained is much more important. Are the people they have trained similar to you? How do the similarities of their specialty match up with your fitness goals. I can tell you that clients come in all shapes and sizes, with all different goals. A bodybuilding or olympic weightlifting trainer is not going to get you in the best shape of your life. They are good at getting people to look good and to lift heavy weights, respectively. Your athletic background, injury history, current ability, and goals should all be factors in your training. You need someone that will take a look at the those and make a plan based on where you are at now that gets you where you want to go.

Who your trainer has experience training is important and so is their expertise in the field. A trainers background should explain why they do what they do? They should have a passion for helping others in their area of expertise. A trainers reason why they are motivated to help people with their fitness and training is what motivates them to really help you. If they have a good why and know it they will be able to help you find yours. I have seen too many trainers in the industry who fall into personal training because they like the gym or they used to be an athlete. Let me tell you, this is not enough and you will begin to notice with your training and results.

Not only should your trainer have great expertise, but they should also lead by example. In other words, does your trainer walk the walk and not just talk the talk? Im not saying that your trainer should be the pinnacle of fitness here, but if they are going to tell you to lift heavy weights and eat cucumbers for dinner then they better be willing to do it too!

There are two sides to this coin in the fitness industry. Hiring a trainer simply based on looks is just as big of a pitfall as hiring a trainer who does not implement the same advice they are giving you. If your trainer is telling you to do something they would not do themselves how can you trust them? If they are artificially enhancing their results with drugs or medical operations how can you trust their regimen will get you results? The best way to hash out these details is to do your research. Ask them questions about their workout routine and nutrition to see if it seems like it reasonably matches up with their results. Another thing you can do is look at their social media. A lot of people post pictures of their training and food and that can be a good resource for you.

Make it your mission to get your trainer to tell you these 4 Top Fitness Trainer Secrets! Ask questions regarding these four secrets when searching for a fitness trainer and I promise it will pay dividends for your results. If you end up hiring a trainer and you don't get results you've not only given them your money but also your time. Your time is valuable so don't let it go to waste! If you are a trainer and reading this I promise that if you use these four secrets as a guide with a new client it will help you develop a relationship and establish trust.

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